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6 Renovation Ideas for Small Old Houses 2022

american classic house

Having a new home is the dream of many people. But not everyone wants a design with a modern style, many also want to renovate their house in a simple classic style. Especially if our house is small, then this classic model will be very suitable. 

A house with such a classic style depicts peace, tranquility, and simplicity for its inhabitants. Classic house design ideas that we will provide include a simple Javanese classic house, a simple European classic house, an American style classic house, a French style classic house, a simple classic house with natural elements, a classic Mediterranean house.

And here are 6 Renovation Ideas for Small Old Houses 2022

1. Javanese Classic House

Javanese house designs
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Traditional Javanese house designs can make the house look more aesthetic. In addition, the traditional design of this typical Javanese house can also be combined with modern residential designs.

2. European Classic House

european classic house design
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Classic European house designs have symmetrical characteristics, columns, rectangular windows, and use a lot of marble material. This house will look more elegant if you use a white color.

3. American Style Classic House

classic american style house
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The hallmark of classic American home design is the use of natural materials such as wood and natural stone, and other natural home building materials such as wood grain, straw, and brick.

However, over time, this classic American house turned into a more modern one with building materials such as cement, concrete, etc.

4. French Style Classic House

french classic house
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The classic French country house design has the impression of elegance and warmth in it. This design is perfect for those of you who will build a house in a rural area because this classic French house model will add to the rural beauty of natural materials and the charm of timeless objects.

5. Simple Classic House with Natural Elements

house with natural nuances
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A house with natural nuances can help in relieving fatigue after a day's activities. The nuances of nature in a dwelling are believed to be able to present a warm, peaceful and calming impression for the occupants.

In addition, this house can also harmonize the lifestyle of today's people who are healthy and energy efficient

6. Classic Mediterranean House

classic mediterranean house
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Mediterranean homes generally use colors such as white, sand brown, sky blue and green and the color of the sea. The colors that tend to be pale and soft are inspired by the natural conditions of the Mediterranean region.

Besides being influenced by Greek culture, the architectural style of Mediterranean houses is also influenced by Spanish culture.

Those are some simple classic house design ideas with small sizes that can be used as a reference for those of you who want to renovate an old house in 2022. More article JB-Blog.